Beautiful, Working Golden Retrievers For Home And Sport


“Andy and I have been breeding beautiful performance golden retrievers for nearly 40 years. In 2016, we were selected by the AKC as Breeder of the Year for rally and in 2017, we were selected as Breeeders of the Year for agility. To be selected for these honors among all breeds is a tremendous honor and a tribute to all the amazing Gaylan’s owners.

Today, we remain commited to the multi-purpose golden retriever, a dog who conforms to the Golden Retriever Standard and retains the breed’s original abilities as a hunting companion. Our dogs primarily serve as competition, Search and Rescue, hunting, and therapy dogs dogs, although a few are happy, family companions.

Gaylan’s dogs have earned over 150 American and Canadian championships in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, rally, barn hunt, as well as Master Hunder titles, Elite Nose Work, and Qualified All-Age Status.

Limited, but well-planned breeding program

Competition and working puppies available to approved homes. Companion puppies available occasionally.

All breeding stock evaluated for joint, eye, heart and genetic diseases.

Support responsible dog ownership through education

Written warranty and sales contract for all puppies

Dedicated to maintaining the working golden retriever

Breeding for health, longevity, temperament, natural working ability, genetic diversity and structure.

All puppies raised in our home

Some Gaylan’s Golden Retrievers Stars


Read about Gaylan’s in Show Sight magazine’s feature on the 2016 Sport Breeder of the Year awardees!

Visit Canine Health Events Inc., the charity that Gayle and Rosie Higdon run to raise money for canine health research.