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Dynamite Catalog We use and sell Dynamite Specialty Products for our dogs and ourselves. Write us for more information.
Bravo Raw Diet We feed our dogs a raw, natural diet. We distribute ground meat, whole bone and other products in our local area (Cold Spring, Putnam County, NY). If you are interested in these products, click here to download our price list. Write us for more information.
Our Recommendations   Here are some of the items we recommend to our puppy buyers. For our book and video recommendations, check out the Gaylans Bookstore.
Store Links Links to  dog equipment vendors we usually buy from.

Our Recommendations

You can find these items at SitStay GoOut Store, as well as pet stores and other websites.
Buster Cube Buster Cubes--one of the greatest dog toy inventions since the Kong. A buster cube will keep your dog occupied and thinking (and out of trouble), especially while you are away.  
Kong Toys Our all-time toy for dogs from 8 weeks to 8 years (and beyond) are kongs. Stuffed, hidden, or frozen, these toys can do more for your dogs mental and spiritual health than most others.  They are very safe and can be used in a variety of ways.  Check out the Kong Toy website for many ingenious ways to use these toys.
Precision Crate Precision crates come as close as we have found to our old favorites, 20-year old Kennel-Aire crates. Every puppy needs a crate or two. At least one in the house as a snug, safe place to spend time when he can't be watched and one in the car for safe riding.
Cabana Crate Cabana Crates are great for traveling with your dog. These crates are lightweight, easy to use and a pleasure to haul in and out of hotel rooms. You will need to teach your dog to be calm in it since the crates won't hold up to determined escape artists.
Exercise Pen Exercise pens are also essentials for puppy training. You can put them up anywhere to confine your pup while still letting it be part of the party.
Crate Fan These crate fans are one of the greatest inventions in recent years. Keep your dog cool with a fresh breeze during those warm summer days. We have one for each dog and they LOVE them!
Springer The Springer provides a safe way to exercise your dog and yourself. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise every day.
Dynamite Catalog We use Dynamite supplements for our dogs, cats and ourselves. We highly recommend Dynamite Showdown as a basic supplement for all dogs and the other Dynamite products as needed for individual requirements. Click the link to the left to puruse the Dynamite catalog. Contact us if you would like to order any of these products.

Store Links

Here are some of the places we love to shop for dog stuff on the web.  We are constantly exploring new sites so stop back if you need some new toys for your K9 kids.  Happy shopping!


Contact us for information about Tritronics collars and training equipment.

West Coast Pet Supply

Huge array of products for all of your pets.

Kong Pet Toys

Producers of  our all-time favorite dog toy, the Kong.  Nothing is better for keeping your dog out of trouble.

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Great products for pets and show dogs alike. Good prices.

Source Menagerie

Wondeful site with fun dog items.  Beautiful golden retriever things.

SitStay GoOut Store

Books, toys, crates, clothes.  Good customer service.

Max 200

Obedience, agility and flyball equipment.  Good quality.

J and J Dog Supplies

Gorgeous leather training leads. Good obedience equipment.

KV Vet

Excellent catalog company.

Valley Vet

Another excellent catalog company.  Good prices!

Midwest Crates

Quality crates, exercise pens

Drs. Foster and Smith

Good for general pet supplies.  Expensive.


Manufacturers of Dynamite Showdown and other supplements we use for our dogs.

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