Our 2017 breedings are underway and we are selecting sires for our 2018 litters. We are taking no more pet reservations for any of our 2017 litters right now but do have performance/competition/working reservations available.

IMPORTANT!! All buyers of golden retrievers with North American show champions (typically designated by CH before the dog’s name) anywhere in their pedigrees, even many generations back, must be aware of pigmentary uveitis, an eye disease found in golden retrievers and golden crosses. We have produced some affected dogs and have posted that information on k9data.com. If you looking for a golden retriever, please familiarize yourself with this relatively new disease.

All golden retrievers from American lines including ours should see an ophthalmologist EVERY YEAR after the age of 2 since this disease can strike any time from 1.5 until 15 years of age. If you are unwilling to have these exams done, please get another breed of dog.

About Our Breedings Typically, we have one to three litters a year, usually co-bred with Marcy Burke and Lise Pratt. Our litters are whelped and raised either in western North Carolina or on Long Island, NY. All litters are raised according to Avidog’s development and socialization standards. Our bitches are excellent mothers so our pups begin their lives doted on and loved by their moms. Our development and socialization program that includes walking in our woods, swimming (weather-dependent), meeting lots of people, and getting to know their relatives. We’ll spend that time getting to know them so we can match them well with their new owners. We do not breed for color, so if color is your primary consideration in choosing a puppy, we are probably not the breeders for you.

Please read the following portions of our website to be sure that we and our dogs are right for you

We strongly prefer email contact (gaylanspups@gmail.com) and will not return phone calls.  We apologize ahead of time for any delays in our response to your emails. In your first email, introduce yourself to us so we have some idea if we might have a puppy that is a compatible match for you.

Please note that we do not ship puppies as freight; all owners must come in person to pick up their pups. We have a very successful program to prepare pups and owners for these flights so that dozens of our pups have flown home with their owners in the cabin of a commercial airliner with no problem. To use this program yourself, download the FREE ebooks:

In your first email, introduce yourself to us so we have some idea if we might have a puppy that is a compatible match for you.

All of our pups, no matter where they are raised, experience our extensive developmental protocol found at Avidog International. For more about how we raise our pups, check out How We Raise Our Puppies.

  • Early Neurological Stimulation(ENS/Biosensor)
  • Early Scent Introduction (ESI),recently featured by the AKC Canine Health Foundation in a webinar from 3-17 days of age (link to http://www.avidog.com/esi/)
  • regular socializationwith people of all ages and sizes
  • physically and mentally stimulating environmentappropriate to their age
  • potty training
  • problem-solving exercises, again, appropriate to their age
  • socialization with dogsother than their dam
  • introduction to solid food after 4 weeks of age followed by natural weaning, often not until 8 or 9 weeks
  • daily walksin the woods (weather dependent)
  • regular opportunities to swim(weather dependent)
  • introduction to game birds
  • crate training
  • impulse control
  • teaching therecall
  • introduction to cues, like sit

We are accepting performance/breeding/hunting reservations now for most of our upcoming litters. Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing high drive, moderate energy goldens that are most appropriate for performance, hunting, show and breeding. We place most of our pups in working homes that either compete in more than one arena–field, agility, obedience, conformation, tracking–or that work their dogs in hunting, search & rescue (SAR) or serious pet-assisted therapy. If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy, please contact us via e-mail at gaylanspups@gmail.com.

2017 Breedings

Spring 2017 litter. Trigger x Spell, born April 3, 2017.
These pups have gone to their new homes!

HRCH OTCH One Ash Spring Loaded For Play UDX4 OM7 MH CCA VCX OBHF Gaylan’s Spellbound Star Catcher CDX BN GN RN OA OAJ NF CCA CGC.

More info at http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=720240.


HRCH OTCH One Ash Spring Loaded For Play UDX4 OM7 MH CCA VCX OBHF


Gaylan’s Spellbound Star Catcher CDX BN GN RN OA OAJ NF CCA CGC

Fall 2017 litter. Chase/Fargo x Paige, 2 M and 2 F born Oct 5, 2017.
No reservations available but there is room on the waiting list

Gaylan’s Chase the Winter UD JH WCX TT and Ch Farm Fresh Wells Fargo UD MH WCX OS VCX   HR Sunfire’s Turn The Page To Gaylan MH*** NA NAJ WCX

Cindy Groveman has again leased us her fabulous Paige for our first dual purpose breeding to two older stud dogs. Paige is the hard-driving, qualified all-age, master hunter daughter of our wonderful Goose. She and her littermates are excelling in field, obedience, agility and nosework. Paige has a wonderful stable temperament and excellent health.

We bred her to two boys that were born in the 80s and 90s, since neither boys’ frozen semen was good enough to stand on its own. We are doing DNA testing now to determine the parentage of each puppy.

Fargo x Paige pedigree and clearances at http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=707451



Gaylan’s Chase the Winter UD JH WCX TT

Chase was from our wonderful “Winter” litter born in 1985. Owned and trained by Bets Keen, Chase was a smart, willing worker, easily getting his obedience and field titles. He had a self-confident, rock-solid temperament, getting along with all dogs and people. This will be Chase’s first and only breeding.



Ch Farm Fresh Wells Fargo UD MH WCX OS VCX

Fargo was Leslie Dickerson’s grandson of the great Alamo. Fargo finished his championship, utility dog title and Master Hunter before being killed in a vehicle accident on Leslie’s ranch. In limited breeding, Fargo produced conformation champions, senior hunters, master agility champions and numerous utility dogs.



HR Sunfire’s Turn The Page To Gaylan MH*** NA NAJ WCX

Paige is Cindy Groveman’s hard-driving girl who loves playing all games—field, agility, obedience and more.  She is fast, focused and self-confident but settles well in the house and is friendly to people and dogs alike. She produced our Number litter in 2015 and those pups are doing well in field, obedience, agility, tracking and rally.

Winter 2017 litter. Deuce x Bliss, due mid-December 2017.
Performance reservations available.

Can CH Trowsnest Second Wind II MH ***  x  Gaylan’s Living Life to the Max SH WCX CGC;

Litter Pedigree

We have performance reservations available for this litter. We have no pet or service reservation remaining.

We expect moderate energy, high drive pups from this combination, with friendly, confident temperaments. They will enjoy playing any games, from hunting to agility to obedience. Pups will go home in mid-February 2018.


Gaylan’s Living Life to the Max SH WCX CGC;

Bliss is from our Max litter, sired by Karen Hollander’s HRCH Jack MH MX MXJ WCX OS*** and Al and Irene Lamphere’s MACH5 Peach ADHF. Bliss and her littermates have excelled in agility, obedience, field and tracking. Bliss herself is a superb field dog with excellent marking and strong water courage. She is also training in agility where she is fast and focused.



Can CH Trowsnest Second Wind II MH ***

Deuce is one of the last sons of the great Whirly, Am-Can Ch Trowsnest Whirlwind UD WC OS Can. CDX, who was born in 1978. Deuce has lived up to his multi-talented pedigree by finishing his Can Championship, earning his Master Hunter and winning an all-breed field trial qualifying stake.

2018 Breedings

Fall 2018 litter TBD x Kölsch

Sire to be determined (TBDx Gaylan’s Bramble Berry Bourbon Barrel Beer

To Be Determined(TBD)



Gaylan’s Bramble Berry Bourbon Barrel Beer

Kölsch recently turned 2 so we will breed her after she has gotten all her clearances. She is from our Beer litter, sired by Dave Mauer’s wonderful, OTCH Buster, out of our Glee. Though young, the Beer litter is showing talent in field, tracking, obedience, dock diving and more. The sire we select for this litter will be an older golden with a pedigree filled with longevity and working talent.