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Peach headed to upstate New York to do agility with Al and Irene Lamphere (Max 200), Allure and Ris-K. Here is Peach preparing to run agility. So far, so good--Peach finished her NAJ and NA titles in short order and added her OA and OAJ in May 2010. By the end of September 2010, she had completed her AX and AXJ.

Peach hit the ground running in 2011, finishing her MX, MXJ and XF titles. She finished her MACH in July 2012 and is closing in on her MACH2.

Most recently, Peach gave birth to our "Max" litter in March 2013. Her seven pups are off to their new homes and Peach has hit the agility ring again.

Peach on the run

Peach at 9 weeks