The Ice Cream Litter

DOB: 10/6/2007

(High Times Run’n the Roost UD MH WCX*** OS x MACH Gaylan’s Party of One CD SH CCA WCX OD VCX CGC)

The Dream Litter

DOB: 4/8/2008

(Coppertop’s Captain Kirk CD MH WCX CCA x U-CD LornaDoone Encore! Encore! CDX SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT)

The Comedy Litter

DOB: 6/22/2008

(AFTCH MHR Wynwood’s Jokers Are Wild CD MNH WCX OS; Can CDX MH WCX (HIT winner) x Gaylan’s Fly Like the Wind JH MX MXJ WC OD VC CCA)

The Jimmy Buffett Litter

DOB: 11/26/2008

(CH Ashford’s Saffron O’Reilly UDT JH WCX CGC (SDHF/OS) x MACH; HR UH Gaylan’s One Step Atta Time UD RE SH MXF RE WCX OD ADHF)

The Game Bird Litter

DOB: 2/17/2009

(MACH; Can CH Gaylan’s Born to Fly CD SH MX MXJ WCX OS VCX ADHF CCA x Ambertrail’s I Am A Wild Party OD; Can MH WCX)

The 4th of July Litter

DOB: 7/4/2009

(Can Dual Ch-AFTCH Firemark’s Push Come to Shove Can CDX Am *** OS x Gaylan’s Gamblers Choice CDX MH WCX***)