AFTCH MHR Wynwood's Jokers Are Wild Am CD MNH WCX OS; Can CDX MH WCX (HIT winner)

Canadian Amateur Field Chamption, American and Candian Master Hunter, Master National Finalist, GRCA Outstanding Sire, Multiple High in Trial Winner


(4/13/1995 - 6/16/2008)   AKC SN241006/01

OFA Hips:  GR-59653G27M-T   Elbows cleared Guelph Veterinary Hospital  CERF GR-178727/2004-105  prcd-PRA clear   Heart clearance: GR-CA1080/27M

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Joker at 13
Joker at 13

About Joker

Lise Pratt and I went to visit Joker when he was a month shy of his 13th birthday. We met a wonderfully sweet but vital gentleman who welcomed us enthusiastically. We loved watching him retrieve his bumpers, unphazed by the kennel dogs barking at him. He was very stable and people focused while we were there and Jill described him as a very forgiving, team player who was neither soft nor hard. He was an excellent marker and a very strong water dog.

Physically, Joker was lovely dog with a correct golden outline. He was compact with very good breed type, although he was small for a male (22" and 57 lbs). He had a lovely head with excellent stop, very nice breadth, depth and length of muzzle. He had lovely dark, correctly shaped eyes, very dark pigment and a correct scissors bite with complete dentition. He could have used more breadth of skull and a slightly lower ear set.

He had a nice short back with a strong, broad loin, excellent rib spring and a rock solid topline and tail carriage, even at 13. He had adequate forechest and prosternum with decent front angulation, strong pasterns and tight feet. His rear was gorgeous with great angulation and nice bend of stifle. He moved beautifully (even after a day of chasing the 4-wheeler) with nice reach and drive. Although small, Joker had appropriate substance and bone for his size. He was medium gold in color with a perfect golden retriever coat--excellent texture, thickness and length.

Joker was OFA Good with normal elbows, heart and eyes. He never had hot spots, ear infections or any other health problems. He died at 13 years and two months after he stopped eating. You can see Joker's extended pedigree here. Joker is linebred on the great obedience sire, OTCH Sungold Duke of Brookshire WCX OS OBHF, who produced numerous OTCH dogs, as well as FC-AFC, Qualified All Age and TDX dogs. Joker's pedigree combines some of the top obedience and field lines from the past.

We bred to Joker once to produce our Comedy litter and look forward to breeding to his son in the future. We are particularly proud that the Comedy litter helped Joker become an Outstanding Sire before they turned 3 years old.

Joker's Qualifying Kids

  • OTCH Gaylan's Catch A Rising Star UDX OM2 AX OAJ OF OBHF CCA
  • Gaylan's Thaleia CDX RAE TDX JH NA OAJ WC
  • Gaylan's Little Tramp CD TD AX AXJ XF
  • Gaylan's Mad About Rue AX MXJ OF SSA AD
  • Wynwoods Wild Card SH CCA
  • Shurmark's Red Beau Razzle SH WCX

Joker has a number of other titled kids, including:

  • Can. NMR Brimac's Take It To The Limit Can MH WCX
  • Shurmark's Black Eagle Can. ** JH
  • Can. MOTCh. Syercroft's Fire and Brimstone Can SH WCX
  • Syercroft's Cherrry Bomb Can CDX WC
  • Syercroft Lil Dimon'N The Ruff Can CDX JH WCI
  • Wynwood High Hopes O' Halo CDX JH WC
  • Gaylan's Laughing Out Loud RA OA OAJ NF SSA
  • Gaylan's You Quack Me Up WC; Can CD JH WCI
  • Gaylan's S' M-A-S-H 'n Success Can JH, WCX
  • Gaylan's Second City Stand Up CCA

Joker's Pedigree

U-UD, CanOTCH Wynwood's Jumpin' Jacks CDX JH WCX OS
"J.J" (6/9/1980-1/11/1991)
OFA Normal, Eyes Clear
GRCC Obedience Hall of Fame
Sire:  OTCh Wynwood's Thrill Of It All UDX JH Can. CD, U-CD OBHF OS "Thriller" (4/14/1989-12/21/2002)
OFA Good, Eyes clear
OTCH. Wynwood's Locknor Bailee JH WCX OD OBHF
"Bailee" (9/18/1984-3/4/2000)
OFA Excellent
Can. OTCH Holiday's Ready Aim Fire CDX JH WCX

OFA Good
Dam:  Wynwoods Cheer From Lochbrae CDX JH OD
"Cheer" (10/31/1987-12/26/1997)
OFA Good, eyes clear
Can. OTCH Brookshire's Misty Sunrise CDX WCX
OFA Good, Eyes clear

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