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Working Golden

Are you thinking of getting a golden retriever?  Or do you already have one and are trying to understand why it does what it does?  

Although the appearance and temperament of individual goldens can differ greatly, most share the breed's basic characteristics. In the next few pages, we will give you a general introduction to breed:

History of the Golden Retriever--here you will find the history of the golden retriever and how this affects goldens today.

Today's Goldens--a brief description of the characteristics of modern goldens.

The Golden Retriever Breed Standard--the official AKC standard for the breed. describing what goldens should look and act like

Disadvantages of Owning a Golden--although goldens are wonderful dogs, they aren't perfect ;-). Here you will find a discussion of some of their less-than appealing traits.

Genetic Diseases of Golden Retrievers--a discussion of the health problems facing today's goldens.

Finding a Golden--some tips on how to find a good golden retriever and links to important sites to aid you in your search.

Just Goldens    History of the Golden Retriever   Today's Goldens

Golden Retriever Breed Standard   Disadvantages of Golden Retrievers

  Genetic Diseases of Golden Retrievers    Finding a Golden  

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