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  • Ace, ARCH Gaylan's Ace in the Hole UD JH MX MXJ MXF RE VCX CCA TDI CGC RL1X
  • Astro, Gaylan's Lunar Mission UD MX MXJ JH WC CCA VCX (AKC and ASCA HIT winner)
  • Bang, OTCH Gaylan's Fire When Ready UDX2 OM3 VER GO RN JH MX MXJ XF WCX OBHF VCX CCA
  • Banner, Gaylan's Sundowners Concerto CDX WC
  • Beacon, SHR Gaylan's Sail of the Century CD JH WC CGC (maj ptd)
  • Bebop, Gaylan's Bop Till You Drop CD RAE2 OA NAJ OF CCA
  • Bing, Gaylan's Bingsville Bugle UDX OM1 JH OA AXJ NJP NF VCX CCA
  • Bourbon, Gaylan's Old Kentucky Rifle Can. JH WC
  • Bounce, Gaylan's Fireball CD RE JH AX AXJ NF VC CCA CGC Certified Therapy Dog
  • Brass, Gaylan's Earth, Wind and Fire CDX GN RN JH WCX (mulitple HIT winner)
  • Brig, MACH3 Gaylan's Brigantine TD SH MXF AXP OJP WC CCA VCX PD2 (ADHF)
  • Brinkley, Gaylan's Caramel Sundae AX OAJ OF NAC
  • Bryce, Gaylan's Brass Fire 'n Ice NAJ CCA CL-1
  • Bryce, Gaylan's Duck Duck Goose CD BN
  • Buzz, Gaylan's Grey Goose Happy Hour AX MXJ OF
  • Castle,CT; U-CDX Gaylan's Dirty Dancing Oreo CDX RE AX MXJ XF NF CCA; Can CD
  • Catcher,OTCH Gaylan's Catch a Rising Star UDX3 OM5 AX AXJ OF ODHF CGC (multiple HITs)
  • Charlie, U-CH Gaylan's Charlies Angels Fly CD RA NAJ CCA NJC-JH TT-N CGC TDI TT
  • Chase, Gaylan's Chase the Winter UD JH WCX
  • Colt, Gaylan's Blue Ridge Mountain Journey JH
  • Cosby Gaylan's Second City Stand Up JH WC CCA
  • Cruise, Gaylan's Born on the 4th of July JH WC CCA
  • Dauber, Gaylan's West Point Whistler UD JH RAE WC FMX (HIT winner)
  • Dexter, Gaylan's Duck Creek Wild Turkey RN MX MXJ XF CGC TDI SPK
  • Dice, Can GMH GMOTCH Gaylan's High Roller Am CDX MH WCX VC CCA; Can TD WCX VCX, High in Trial winner and 2008 & 2009 Canadian Master National Qualifier
  • Doc, MACH Gaylan's Jamaican Me Crazy JH VC ADHF CCA
  • Gaylan's Son of a Goose JH CCA
  • Elvis, Ch. Colabaugh's All Shook Up (Sporting Group winner)
  • Fenway, Gaylan's Fenway Harp CCA CGC TDI
  • Feo, Gaylan's Wager Feodor P Palius OF NAP NFP CGC
  • Finn, Gaylan's Finnegan's Rainbow AX AXJ OF GCG NJC TN-N
  • Gibbs, Gaylan's S.P.arkler of Gold CDX CGC TDI (HIT winner)
  • Griffin, Gaylan's Siriusly Not Joking CCA
  • Goose, MACH; Can Ch. Gaylan's Born to Fly CD SH NF WCX OS VCX ADHF CCA
  • Jasper, Gaylan's Sundowners Musician CD WC (HIT winner)
  • Jerry, MACH Gaylan's Gracie's Fancy Free CDX TD MXF RAE WC VCX CCA NAC WV-N CGC TDI
  • Jester, SHR Gaylan's Jolly Mon Sing JH MX MXJ NF WC ADHF CGC
  • Jig, Gaylan's Irish Ceili Dancer RN JH AX AXJ MXF WC CCA O-NAC O-NCC O-NJC O-TN-N TG-N O-WV-N
  • Juice, Gaylan's Juice Harp SH MX MXJ MXF WCX PD2
  • Koral, Gaylan's Winter Koral WC CGC
  • Larson, Gaylan's Lunar Far Side CDX TD OA OAJ
  • Michael, Gaylan's Firefly's Moondance CD MH WCX VC CCA CGC, Therapy Dog
  • Nick, Gaylan's Olde St Nick, Naughty or Nice SH WCX
  • Oakley, U-CD Gaylan's Ready Aim Fire CD
  • Pilot, MACH2 V-NATCH Gaylan's Gallopin' Jet Pilot CDX JH MXF TQX WC VCX ADHF CCA HP-O PS1
  • Radar, Gaylan's S' M-A-S-H 'n Success Can CD JH WCX
  • Remi, Gaylan's Wild Fly'n Kansas Quail UD RN JH AX MXJ WCX
  • Riot, Gaylan's Laughing Out Loud RA OA AXJ NF SJ CGC
  • Roy, Gaylan's Royal Flush MH WCX**
  • Rusty, Ch. Gaylan's Zetlands Warrior CD WC
  • Sage, Gaylan's Mandan Osage CD WC
  • Scorch, Gaylan's Rimfire MH WC CCA
  • Scout, Gaylan's Flying Dragon OA AXJ CGC
  • Shiloh, Gaylan's Drummer Boy MH MX MXJ RE WCX VCX CCA
  • Slider, Gaylan's Steeling Home NA NAJ FDCH-S TDI CGC
  • Spring, Gaylan's MyTGold Rite of Spring CD BN RA CGC TDI
  • Timber, Gaylan's Shiver Me Timber CD
  • Trader, OTCH MACH Gaylan's Tradewind O'er ThDoone UDX4 OM2 MX MXJ MXF ODHF ADHF CCA
  • Trapper, Gaylan's Sound of Music RL1
  • Traveler, UH Gaylan's One With The Wind UD MH OA NAJ WCX VCX CCA
  • Trip, HR UH Gaylan's Safari Traxx SH AX MXJ XF WCX VC CCA
  • Trix, Gaylan's Matrix-Done Teal NA NAJ
  • Trooper, Ch. Gaylan's West Point Guidon CDX NA SH WX (VCX)
  • Tucker, U-CDX Gaylan's Stony Lonesome UD CCA
  • Tux, MACH2 Gaylan's Fireside Affair JH NF WCX VC ADHF CCA CGC
  • Wyeth, Gaylan's Chaddsford Sunset SH AX AXJ XF WCX
  • Yoda, Gaylan's Autumn Sonstreak CD WC
  • Zu, Gaylan n LornaDoone When Dreams Collide! CD AX AXJ OF
  • Abbi, U-CH C-ATCH U-AGII U-CD Gaylan's High Flying Abbi CD RE JH MX MXJ OF WC VC CCA OAC OJC OGC (OD)
  • Abbie, Gaylan's Southern Charm NW1
  • Allure, Lookout's Mystery at Gaylans MX MXJ
  • Annie, Gaylan's Twentyonegun Salute CDX TDX JH AX MXJ OAP OAJ RA WC FDCH
  • Bette, MACH Gaylan's Bet On It At Terrevern JH MXF WC VC CCA CL2-R, F, H CGC
  • Brio, Gaylan's Changes in Attitude NAJ
  • Brita, Gaylan's Water Dancer of Emeline UD RN MH AX MXJ WCX CCA VCX***
  • Cadee,U-CDX Gaylan's West Point Cadet UDX SH CCA WCX VC
  • Cate, Gaylan's Bobcat Stormy Seas JH WC CGC
  • Charlee, Gaylan's Little Tramp CDX TD MX AXJ XF CGC
  • Chase, Gaylan's Free Run Chardonnay JH NA OAJ CCA WCX
  • Chex, MACH Gaylan's Party of One CD SH WCX OD VCX CCA CGC
  • Chime, Gaylan's Wind Chime Melody CD RN JH OA OAJ WC VC CCA CL1-S,F CGC
  • Corey, U-CD LornaDoone Encore! Encore! CDX SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT
  • Covey, Gaylan's I Am Not A Gaggle Can CD JH WCX
  • Cricket, Gaylan's First Sgt Cricket JH WCX (OD)
  • Dart, Gaylan's Fly Like the Wind JH AX MXJ WC OD VC CCA
  • Devon, CT Gaylan's I'll Steel This Dance CD RA SH AX AXJ NF WCX VCX CCA
  • Dream, Aurora's Dream of Garzas Canyon Am-Can CD WCX (OD)
  • Dreamer, Gaylan's Dreamcatcher JH CCA CGC TT
  • Flyer, Trumpet's Gaylans Butterfly CD JH AX AXJ CCA WCX VC (OD)
  • Gabby, Gaylan's Winter Gadabout UD JH WCX
  • Gypsy, MACH3 Gaylan's Gypsy Pirate AD ADHF
  • Hailey, Gaylan's Into the Wind CDX AX MXJ WC CGC (OD)
  • Ivy, OTCH MACH Gaylan's Thaleia UDX3 OM5 RAE TDX JH; WCX OBHF
  • Izzy, Gaylan's Isabelle Pheasant CGC
  • Jamie, Gaylan's Celtic Spirit AX AXJ XF SG
  • Journey, MACH2 Gaylan's Rainbow Promise Parfait
  • Keeper, Gaylan's Lucky Four Leaf Clover CDX RE TDX SH MX MXJ MXF WCX CGC
  • Kerri, Gaylan's Kerri of the Emerald Isle RA TD OA NAJ CCA CGC
  • Khay, OTCH Gaylan's Lady Omar Khayenne UDX7 OM7 RAE2 TD MX MXJ MXF CCA; GRCA ADHF CCA ASCA CDX JS-N
  • Kindling, Gaylan's Reveille at Fernside CDX TDX
  • Kinsey, Gaylan's Going to the River OA AXJ CGC
  • Kira, Gaylan's Roddenberry A La Mode SH WC CCA
  • Kite, Gaylan's Dancing in the Wind TDX JH MX MXJ VCX CCA CGC
  • Lily, Gaylan's Firefly's Golden Glo CDX MH WCX CCA CGC TDI (OD)
  • Makai, MACH4 U-CD Gaylan's Wind Off the Water CDX RE TD NJP TQX TN-N CGC TDI (ADHF)
  • Page, CT Gaylan's Wild Goose Chase JH AX OAJ NF WC
  • Peach, Gaylan's Peaches 'n Cream MX MXJ XF
  • Punch, Gaylan's You Quack Me Up WC; Can. CDX JH WCI (HITs)
  • Reese, U-CDX Gaylan's P'nut Butter Cup Sundae CDX TD JH WC VC CCA CGC (HIT winner)
  • Riser, Westwin's Early Riser UD WCX (OTCH pointed, multiple HIT winner)
  • Risk, Gaylan's Gamblers Choice CDX MH WCX*** (2008 Master National Qualifier)
  • Rowan, Gaylan's Sundowners Sonata CDX WC
  • Rowdi, Gaylan's Sundowners Aurora UD JH WCX VCX (OD)
  • Rue, MACH Gaylan's Mad About Rue OF PTM AAD ASA AG CGC
  • Ryder, Gaylan's Dark Star's Ryder CDX CGC
  • Savannah, Gaylan's Sweet Sugar Magnolia OA OAJ OF
  • Scoop, Gaylan's Triple Talent JH AX AXJ VC CCA
  • Scoot, Gaylan's Silver Springs Ducks Gotta Fly JH OA OAJ XF WC CGC
  • Skye, Gaylan's Winning Colors MH WCX
  • Sparky, Can. Ch. Gaylan's Winter Promise UD SH NA WCX
  • Spirit, Gaylan's Crescent City Connection CGC
  • Taitt, Gaylan's Saffron Pop the Cork RE TD SH WCX
  • Tango, MACH; UH HR Gaylan's One Step Atta Time UD RE SH MXF WCX OD ADHF CGC
  • Tess, Gaylan's Belle of the Ball SH
  • Torch, Gaylan's Sparks A Flyin' TD JH WC
  • Truly, Gaylan's Stony Creek Gambler CD CGC
  • Una, Can CH Gaylan's Hole in One MH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VC CCA TT
  • Winee, MACH ADCH Gaylan's Ji:Hah Fire Keeper CD RA MX MXJ OF NJP VC CCA CGC TDI MAD
  • Zahra, OTCH Gaylan's Fire in the Sky UDX OM2 OBHF CCA CGC (HIT winner)
  • Zuzu, Windrush Gaylan ItsA Wonderful Life JH

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