Brassfire Seattle on a Lark MH WCX

American Master Hunter, Master National Qualifier


(3/20/1998-present)   AKC SN53694610

OFA Hips:  GR-90215G47M-PI  OFA Elbows: GR-EL7257M58-PI  CERF GR-25613  prcd-PRA clear   Heart clearance: normal  Thyroid normal

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Brass after a successful run in MasterBrass marking

Brass retrievingBrass in the blind

About Brass

I met Brass when he was 11 1/2 years old. A friend had recommended I take a look at this dog that was still passing Master Hunt tests in his veteran years and seemed to be producing well. When I met Brass, I was thrilled to see an active older dog who was sweet, confident and calm. At the time, he was living with his intact male son and an older boy. All got alone wonderfully.

Physically, Brass is a compact, short-coupled dog with good rib spring and adequate bone. He has a dark red-gold coat with plenty of length and thickness. He has a broad skull, correct ear set and carriage and short, broad muzzle. He could use a bit more depth of muzzle but his head is masculine and expression pleasant. Brass has a lovely dark eye. His nose pigment has faded with age but he has good eye and mouth pigment. He has full dentition but his bite is even at this age.

He has a nice short back with a strong, broad loin and excellent rib spring. He has a solid topline but a slightly low tail set. He has nice forechest and prosternum with good front angulation, strong pasterns and tight feet. His rear is powerful with good angulation. He still moves well with nice reach and drive. Although small, Brass had appropriate substance and bone for his size.

Brass is a very biddable, intelligent, stable dog. He has a flawless temperament, getting along other male dogs, females and people of all ages. He has lived with intact males with no problems.

Brass is amateur trained with 20 Master Hunter passes. Jack describes him as an honest, biddable dog who is a strong team-player, a pinpoint marker and strong in the water. They have hunted together regularly throughout Brass's lifetime.

Brass is OFA Good with normal elbows, heart, thyroid and eyes. He does not get hot spots, ear infections or any other health problems. You can see Brass's extended pedigree here. His pedigree is filled with some great field dogs of the past without being too tightly linebred. It includes Janet Gunn's great Canadian Field and Amateur Field Champion RV; Mike and Val Ducross's Canadian Field and Amateur Field Champion Sprint, who lived till 15 1/2; and Chris Carlson's Sally who is the Master National Hall of Fame for qualifying three times, the last of which was at 10 years of age.

We have bred to Brass once to produce our Southern litter.

Brass's Littermates
  • Wild Fire N Brass MH WCX***
  • Brassfire's Modified Mustang MH WCX OD
  • Can. OTCH U-CD TNT Anya's Echo Can. UD JH WC OHF Am. UD

Brass's Pedigree

FTCH-AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH *** OS Can. FDHF
"Sprint" (11/7/1986-6/25/2002); OVC Hip Normal; Eyes, heart, thyroid Clear
Sire:  FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am.***OS Can. FDHF
"R.V." (2/12/1990-11/1/2001) Hips: OFA Good; Eye, heart and elbow clear
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl Am. ***OD Can. FDHF
"Razz" (12/14/1985-7/10/1998) Hips: OVC Normal
GMHR Anya's Brassy Boss CD MH Am/Can WCX
"Buck" (2/12/1985-unknown): Hips: OFA Good
Dam:  Brassfire's Mustang Sally MH WCX** OD, Master Nat'l Hall of Fame
"Sally" (3/20/1994-12/25/2007) OFA Good, eyes clear
MHR Sungold Super Brass MH Am-Can CDX WCX
"Darby" (4/8/1988-9/17/1999): Hips: OFA Fair

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