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Gaylan's Fireball CDX RE JH AX AXJ NF VC CCA CGC, Certified Therapy Dog


Loved by Anita and Al Lupcho

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"Bounce" lives in NJ with Anita and Al Lupcho and their bichon frise, Genta and the cats. Anita and Bounce are doing agility and obedience, in addition to therapy work. Anita runs the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program in their town so Bounce is destined to help children learn to read. Bounce started his career by earning his CGC at a year and becoming certified as a Therapy Dog a few months later.

He has started in agility and earned his NA and NAJ in short order. Most recently he finished his OAJ and his OA. On to Excellent!

Bounce has also started competing in rally and obedience. He finished his CD in short order--three trials, three legs, three 1st places with scores in the high 190s. He finished his CDX title in September 2011 in three trials. He has his Rally Excellent title, too!

Bounce and Anita have also been working in the field, earning Bounces's JH title in October 2010. On to Senior! He passed the GRCA's Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) in May 2011 under breeder-judges, Cindy Partridge, Cindy Williamson and Janice Provenzano. This gave him the GRCA's Versatility Certificate (VC).

See more of Bounce on his other webpage.
Bounce on the dogwalk Bounce doing obedience retrieves
Bounce, head
Bounce and the Lupcho family
Bounce learning to be a R.E.A.D. dog